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Where are the System.ServiceModel .Discovery bits?

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I’m currently preparing my talk for next Tuesday – “What’s new in WCF 4.0” and one of the features I want to talk about is the new WS-Discovery implementation. My only problem so far (until today) was that I couldn’t find the bits on the Virtual PC Image! I have been searching high and low with .NET Reflector – to no luck.

So I wrote a post in the WCF forum and asked if anyone knew where I could find it. No good answers, so I sent the question to a couple of the PM’s in Connected Systems Division that I know work with WCF. No answer. Finally I turned to the Email form on Nicholas Allen’s blog – and he was kind enough to mail me back.

Turn out that the bits is in the System.WorkflowServiceModel – one of the assemblies I didn’t bother to search since I thought they only contained Workflow-specific bits…

The invitation to the talk on Tuesday can be found here (In Norwegian). I’m hoping for at least 70-80 attendees.