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What’s new in WCF 4.0

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Tonight I held a talk for the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo on “What’s new in WCF 4.0”. The feedback was good and I think it went fairly well, especially considered the time I’ve had to prepare.

There should probably have been more time allocated for demonstrations but to cover all the areas of improvements in WCF (and related technologies) I really need (at least) 45 minutes. If I’m asked to do this talk for other NNUG chapters (or internal for other companies/clients) I think it would be wise to either cut down on the content – and only mention the left out parts briefly – or extend it to a two hour talk.

If you attended the talk, I would love feedback (both positive & negative), comments, questions, speaking & consultancy offers. Contact me at lw at miles dot no

You can download the slides here.

Where are the System.ServiceModel .Discovery bits?

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I’m currently preparing my talk for next Tuesday – “What’s new in WCF 4.0” and one of the features I want to talk about is the new WS-Discovery implementation. My only problem so far (until today) was that I couldn’t find the bits on the Virtual PC Image! I have been searching high and low with .NET Reflector – to no luck.

So I wrote a post in the WCF forum and asked if anyone knew where I could find it. No good answers, so I sent the question to a couple of the PM’s in Connected Systems Division that I know work with WCF. No answer. Finally I turned to the Email form on Nicholas Allen’s blog – and he was kind enough to mail me back.

Turn out that the bits is in the System.WorkflowServiceModel – one of the assemblies I didn’t bother to search since I thought they only contained Workflow-specific bits…

The invitation to the talk on Tuesday can be found here (In Norwegian). I’m hoping for at least 70-80 attendees.

Preparing a WCF talk for the next NNUG meeting

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On Tuesday the 25th November, I will be speaking at the NNUG Oslo meeting (hosted by NITH @ Galleriet, Oslo).

My inital idea was to do an advanced extensibility talk, but after I attended the PDC in LA a couple of weeks ago I’ve changed my mind; the talk will be about the new features in WCF 4.0 (and I will probably touch WF 4.0 as well).

If there are anything special you want me to shed light on, please leave a comment or drop me a mail.


Upcoming presentations

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I currently review and refine some ideas I have for the fall season. At the moment, I think it will materialize into at least three possible sessions:

  1. Windows Communication Foundation Extensibility deep-dive.
  2. Programming the Live Mesh (I just have to get a hand on the API-pieces and learn it first :-P )
  3. Creating Windows Vista SideShow gadgets (w/ the managed API).

Hopefully I will have the chance to hold the presentation not only in Oslo, but also other cities in Norway.