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Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0-related blogs


I’ve compiled a list of bloggers who seem to focus on WF4.0. Please post a comment if you have any blogs I’ve missed.

Matt Winkler [MSFT]
Kushal Shah [MSFT]
Ron Jakobs [MSFT]
The Activity Designer [MSFT]
Request/Reply [MSFT]
Zafar Mohammed [MSFT]
The .NET Endpoint [MSFT]
Cathy Dumas [MSFT]
Say wwhhhaaaat? [MSFT]
Go with the Flow [MSFT]
Maurice de Beijer [MVP]
Alan Smith [MVP]
Richard Seroter [MVP]
Richard Blewett [MVP]
Damir Dobric [MVP]
Zulfiqar Ahmed
Chris Craft [MSFT]
The Workflow Element

Building my new blog roll

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Ok, there was a time I was a RSS addict. I subscribed to 130’ish feeds – almost all of the related to development & architecture on the Microsoft platform.

And all of a sudden I almost stopped reading any feeds at all. I believe it happened when I changed job and my old setup with Newsgator from my work computer wasn’t available anymore.

I didn’t install it on my home computer – and reading the feeds in the online version of Newsgator is really a hassle.

So do I want to get back to subscribe to 130+ feeds again and drowing in posts that I don’t read? No. I want to rebuild a new blog roll with relevant feeds for the things I’m focusing on *today*. My old OPML is full of stale and (now) uninteresting feeds.

I would really like input on what you consider as the “must-haves” on a new blog roll – and if you know me the content should really be about Microsoft technology and more specific; things out of the Connected Systems  Division.

Send me an email or leave me a comment. Thank you :-)