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LINQ to XML: XPathSelectElement Annoyance

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It may be me – since I’m no XPath (or XSLT) pro, but the following is in my book a bug – or at least an annoyance category 3:

Given the following XML document loaded into an XDocument:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Element Id="1" />
  <Element Id="2" />
  <Element Id="3" />
  <Element Id="4" />
  <Element Id="5" />

The following XPath should  yield the first element of the list:

"//Element[@Id = '1']"

Guess what? If use the .XPathSelectElement() extension method, the result will be null – nada!


The same query without the whitespace around the equal sign will give you the right result.

If you’re an XPath pro I would like your opinion on the matter – or else I’m turning this issue over to