The book shelf of a Connected Systems MVP

A few days ago, Gøran Hansen of Capgemini and a an active member of the Norwegian Microsoft scene – as well as active in the Twittersphere, wrote a blog post called “A Software Craftsman’s Bookshelf” containing a picture of his book shelf with Software Development-related books, as well as a brief review of the titles. He tagged a bunch of other people – including me, so here’s my contribution to this book shelf meme

(I actually wonder why a UI-geek like Gøran chose a dull jpeg for visualizing his book shelf, so I’m stepping up – to show off that Mr. Non-UI guy can use the Stitch functionality in Deep Zoom Composer. The final product is hosted on DeepZoomPix – a Microsoft site for hosting Deep Zoom pictures.)

Update: Seems like the stupid blog hosting strips javascripts and object tags, so until I’ll get around to move this blog to a more sane hosting provider, I’ll have to put up a preview picture that hyperlinks to the DeepZoomPix site :-(


(A click on the image will bring you to the real Deep Zoom image)

I actually thought about rotating the stitched picture counter-clockwise, so that the titles of the books would be easier to read, but I postphoned it to a moment when I have more time to stuff like this :-)

A description of the books + Amazon links, as well as a list of people I’d like to tag will be added later.

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  • goeranhansen

    Hi Lars!
    Using DeepZoom functionality in Silverlight is an awesome idea! Lots of kudos to you! I don’t know what I was thinking when using a lame JPEG! OMG

    You know, this gave me an idea! I want to do the same as you did with DeepZoom, but also add mouse over effect on the books containing my review, picture of the book and link to Amazon! I’ll implement this in the first spare time I find.

    Thanks a lot – you rock!

    PS: I don’t like that I had to create a wordpress account to leave a comment on your blog! Way too much friction man!


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