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What’s new in WCF 4.0

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Tonight I held a talk for the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo on “What’s new in WCF 4.0”. The feedback was good and I think it went fairly well, especially considered the time I’ve had to prepare.

There should probably have been more time allocated for demonstrations but to cover all the areas of improvements in WCF (and related technologies) I really need (at least) 45 minutes. If I’m asked to do this talk for other NNUG chapters (or internal for other companies/clients) I think it would be wise to either cut down on the content – and only mention the left out parts briefly – or extend it to a two hour talk.

If you attended the talk, I would love feedback (both positive & negative), comments, questions, speaking & consultancy offers. Contact me at lw at miles dot no

You can download the slides here.

Where are the System.ServiceModel .Discovery bits?

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I’m currently preparing my talk for next Tuesday – “What’s new in WCF 4.0” and one of the features I want to talk about is the new WS-Discovery implementation. My only problem so far (until today) was that I couldn’t find the bits on the Virtual PC Image! I have been searching high and low with .NET Reflector – to no luck.

So I wrote a post in the WCF forum and asked if anyone knew where I could find it. No good answers, so I sent the question to a couple of the PM’s in Connected Systems Division that I know work with WCF. No answer. Finally I turned to the Email form on Nicholas Allen’s blog – and he was kind enough to mail me back.

Turn out that the bits is in the System.WorkflowServiceModel – one of the assemblies I didn’t bother to search since I thought they only contained Workflow-specific bits…

The invitation to the talk on Tuesday can be found here (In Norwegian). I’m hoping for at least 70-80 attendees.

Can’t sign in to Zune…

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Zune sign in dialog

Hmm, strange thing. Tried to sign in to Zune now, but I get an error message telling me that their server certificate is expired. If that is true – how unprofessional is that!?

Not to mention the cost of it; for every hour people can’t log into their marked place they must be loosing tons of money…

Preparing a WCF talk for the next NNUG meeting

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On Tuesday the 25th November, I will be speaking at the NNUG Oslo meeting (hosted by NITH @ Galleriet, Oslo).

My inital idea was to do an advanced extensibility talk, but after I attended the PDC in LA a couple of weeks ago I’ve changed my mind; the talk will be about the new features in WCF 4.0 (and I will probably touch WF 4.0 as well).

If there are anything special you want me to shed light on, please leave a comment or drop me a mail.


Building my new blog roll

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Ok, there was a time I was a RSS addict. I subscribed to 130’ish feeds – almost all of the related to development & architecture on the Microsoft platform.

And all of a sudden I almost stopped reading any feeds at all. I believe it happened when I changed job and my old setup with Newsgator from my work computer wasn’t available anymore.

I didn’t install it on my home computer – and reading the feeds in the online version of Newsgator is really a hassle.

So do I want to get back to subscribe to 130+ feeds again and drowing in posts that I don’t read? No. I want to rebuild a new blog roll with relevant feeds for the things I’m focusing on *today*. My old OPML is full of stale and (now) uninteresting feeds.

I would really like input on what you consider as the “must-haves” on a new blog roll – and if you know me the content should really be about Microsoft technology and more specific; things out of the Connected Systems  Division.

Send me an email or leave me a comment. Thank you :-)

Hasta la Vista, PDC 2008 & Los Angeles

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[A.k.a. a work in progress]

I’m sitting at gate 60, terminal 6 waiting for to board flight Continental CO16 heading for Newark / EWR in about an hour.

This week has been crazy. Yes, really crazy. The program was so packed that I think I need at least a week to recover from both the jetlag and to digest all the information that has been crammed into my brain. In this post I’ll try to summarize my experiences from the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2008.

In this post I’ll try to wrap up the events of the week:


  • See earlier blog post.
  • OSL – EWR
  • Missed my connecting flight to LAX
  • Had to stay over at the Sheraton Hotel near the Newark airport.


  • Arrived in LA at about noon (local Pacific time).
  • Ate lunch at a small pasta joint close to the hotel.
  • Went for a walkabout downtown LA – *not* a good experience.
  • Went down to the LA Convention Center and registered myself for the conference.
  • Had a 10 minutes talk with a bell boy/guy at the Rennesaince Hotel up in Hollywood about girls, girls, women & girls. He was from El Salvador and the best part of the whole thing was his name; Magnum Scarface :-D.
  • Ate dinner with  Olav Tollefsen (Microsoft Norway), Mads Lillelund (Computerworld Norway) & Ella … (Statens Vegvesen) up in Hollywood.


  • Jetlagged – up at about 0500AM. Went down to LACC at about 0700. The first guy I run into is Dan Rigsby – what a coincidence! Ate breakfast together with Dan, Jeff Barnes and some Swedish guys. One of them is one of the Øredev organizers. TODO: Send him a mail and fix Øredev discounts for NNUG members.
  • Got a pretty good seat at the keynote. Ray Ozzie first on. Windows Azure revealed (Ref. my blog post from Monday).
  • First session: A Lap around Azure Services (TODO: link to / Channel9 entry).
  • Second session: [Some services session together with Dan?]
  • Hung out in the Expo area and got to meet a lot of the Connected Systems Division guys – mainly people from the WCF/WF & Dublin teams.
  • Showed off my WCF Test Client hack to the PM on the team that owns the product. Had a great discussion on the WCF related tools and what that can be done to make them even more attractive to use.
  • Partner Expo Party – met up with some of the BEKK guys.
  • Went to bed reasonably early (10PM something).


  • Down at the LACC at about 0715AM. Ate breakfast together with some Swedish guys.
  • Again, good seating in the keynote hall.
  • Live blogged about the keynote – it was the best of the three (or actually, the two keynotes on Tuesday was better than the ones on Monday and Wednesday).
  • Attendee party at Universal Studios. Met up with Olav Tollefsen (Microsoft Norway) and hated the Halloween atmosphere over there. When the 10th idiot with a chainless chainsaw tried to scare me, I wanted to punch him down. We ate at a Mexican food joint – where we met three of the guys from DIPS Norway.
  • Olav and I went to see the Bill & Ted goes to [Something] Show – it was so-so. The special effects and the female actors were probably the best parts of it.
  • After the show was finished, I met Dan Rigsby and a lot of US DE and MVP guys. They asked if I wanted to go with them to this after-party, but the jetlag and beer kicked in and I went back to the hotel and passed out.
  • Got filmed by twice by two Developer Evangelists (Jeff Barns being one of them). Earned myself two Starbucks card ($10 on each of them).


  • Ate breakfast with two English guys – one of them was Rob Miles / University of Hull, Microsoft MVP doing XNA & .NET Micro Framework (and related technologies). I’m definitely going to recommend the organizers of Norwegian Developers Conference 2009 to bring in Rob for a session.
  • Boring keynote – a self bragging Rick Rashid from MSR telling how good he and his team was. It was really disappointing so I left a bit earlier (I was later told that they had saved the best to the end; Some cool game and a programming language for children that looked promising).
  • When I was about the leave I noticed Chris Sells sitting against the wall with his laptop. Went over to him and introduced myself. Chris asked if I was from Norway – and I told him I was from the Oslo area. Chris eyes lit up when I told him that, cause he had actually thought about finding a Norwegian guy to help him out on a little stunt that he had planned for his session later that day (Oslo: Models & Repository – he did it together with Martin Gudgin). I told him that he had met the right guy and I agreed to meet him in hall 151 a bit before the session would start (at 0300PM).
  • Took a cab down to the Together@PDC event to meet some of the Norwegian guys; Tor Einar Solli, Knut-Olav Traa, Peter Lillevold and Arjan Einbu. The party was at the Figueroa Hotel and when I got there my name wasn’t on the list – but by flashing a large smile and some of my Norwegian mojo, I managed to get in.
  • I got there a bit earlier than the others and the party area wasn’t exactly packed with people. Grabbed a beer from the bar and introduced myself to a group of people that already was present when I got there.
  • It turned out that the ten first guys I talked to were from South Africa so I was beginning to think that I had crashed a .ZA party. Luckily, that was not the case (no offense .ZA guys).
  • After a while Dan showed up from nowhere. Nowhere being defined as the other side of the pool area. Turned out he had attended a party that was about to


  • When I woke up at 0705AM (without having turned on the alarm clock) I think I was still drunk – or at least very hung over. Took a quick shower and grabbed a shuttle bus to the convention center.

Argh! Stuck at EWR!

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After boarding our flight, CO38 heading for OSL we where told that there was a problem with the airplane. After waiting for about half an hour we were told that we had to change to another plane. So now we’re waiting outside the gate opposite to the gate we initially used – 113.

Hopefully we’ll be leaving in about half an hour.