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JavaZone 2008

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On Wednesday, I visited the JavaZone 2008 conference in Oslo. This is normally a conference that I would not attend, since it is, as the name implies a Java conference. But my employer, Miles, is one of the partners/sponsors and all the employees were offered a free ticket – so I felt that I couldn’t say no.

Before the conference started I had made a rough plan of what sessions I was going to attend. My initial plan was to follow the labs that had a focus on agile development, service-oriented architecture and other of the more technology-agnostic sessions.

I started the day by hanging out in our stand area – which was designed by an event bureau of some sort – featuring a red leather couch, a whine cooler refrigerator, a gas-driven fireplace and more of the standard stand equipment.

0830AM Hurra Torpedo went on stage and did they’re opening gig. Their thing is to play on household appliances. It was noisy as h*** and it really wasn’t my cup of tea that early in the morning. I didn’t watch the whole show, but Kristoffer Schau apparently broke one of his finger before he lifted a large washing machine as the grand finale. Crazy guys.

0900AM and I was off to the first session. Erich Gamma of Rational talked about the development process and tools they use to create the Eclipse platform. They are ~70 developers spread over five or six sites working on different components of the IDE. He talked a lot about how they used Rational Jazz to help the distributed development.

A colleague of mine had one comment; strait jacket! And I had to agree, it seemed really rigid and non-agile. Some features of Rational Jazz reminded me of those I have used in Microsoft Visual Studio Team System – but the number of features was really mind-boggling.

My initial plan was to follow Jim Webber’s “Guerrilla SOA” talk at 1015AM – but I ended up talking to a lot of old acquaintances instead and didn’t attend any sessions before 0200PM when Rickard Öberg went on stage in lab 3 to talk about his Qi4j framework and the concept he called Composite Oriented Programming followed by my NNUG board member partner-in-crime Anders Norås‘ talk; Better Domain Driven Design. The two talks touched some of the same topics. Anders also talked about some of the shortcomings of the JVM – mainly the lack of real generics support (A design mistake I personally believe borders to scandalous).

The rest of the afternoon I spent mostly on our stand or wandering around talking to different people. All the sessions were broadcast on six large canvases in the main hall and you could listen in with a wireless headset that could be borrowed from the information stand. But I failed to get it to work properly ( tried a couple of times with different headsets) and by the different acrobatic moves (to get a good reception) I observed by some of the other attendants I was not the only one with the problem.

At 0500PM or so, we brought out the Spanish Serrano ham and started handling out wine at our stand. People poured in, and it acted as a pre-party for the ClubZone events later in the evening.

Press Play On Tape played a lot of computer music/game classics from the stage, and the atmosphere was good.

At 0730PM or so, we headed off to Gloria Flames – a rock club located a short distance from the venue (Oslo Spectrum). The party was sponsored by Programutvikling – In my opinion Norway’s best course provider – and hosted by some of their fabulous crew – Siv, Martine, Kjersti, Rita & the rest – kudos to you.

The place was filled with beer thirsty techies probably continuing their discussing from earlier that day – but when LoveShack – a group specializing in hits from the eighties – went on stage – the dance floor filled up and the people went crazy. When the band asked the crowd to jump under a couple of the songs, the floor actually  started swinging and I actually started worrying if it would hold all the people.

Luckily, it did – and when it was getting close to midnight, I split the party and took a train home.

So to end this blog post – here’s the scores from the .NET man:

JavaZone: 4/6
ClubZone: 5/6

The end.

MSDN Forums Moderator!

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MSDN Forums Moderator screenshot On Thursday (September 11th) I became a MSDN Forums moderator. Thanks to Ed Hickey and the rest of the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft for their continuing effort to produce great software.

At the moment I’m focusing on the Windows Communication Foundation forum, but it may be that I’m going to dig deeper into some of the other forums as well (probably C#, Team Foundation Server, Architecture etc.)

Silent here? I'm on Twitter too…

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I’ve never been the big blogger and there are probably many reasons for that.

Some of the more obvious excuses are:

  • I’ve always been more a verbal than a writing guy
  • I have a son that needs much attention
  • I spend a lot of time on the WCF/MSDN forum
  • I would probably score high on a ADD diagnosis test if I was forced to take one ;-)

So I’ve revived my Twitter account, and I’m starting to like the informal and concise way of exchanging information with other techies.

My Twitter page is located here:

Ordered 3 books from Amazon today

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Agile Principles, Patterns, and Practices in C# (Robert C. Martin)  A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship (Robert C. Martin)  Release It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software

If Amazon’s estimate is correct, I will have them in my mail box by September 15th. I already have some other titles by Robert C. Martin, and hopefully these two titles is just as good. Release It! … was added to the shopping basket as a result of a review I read in a blog post that I’ve already have forgot the origin of.