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Embedded Amazon advertisement gone wrong

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Sometimes a picture says more than 1000 words…
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Testing Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 – first page to fail…

No Comments » bugs in IE8b2Last night, I installed the IE8 beta 2 that was released some days ago. I’ve read some reports of different pages / sites that looks buggy in IE8, but I hadn’t experienced any problems before today – when I published a new blog post, and looked at the final result.

If anyone could give me a hint of where the extra text box and cancel button comes from, I would appreciate a comment.

The tale of the disappearing VPN connection

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Today, I was about to VPN into my company’s network, to connect to Exchange among other things.

Ok, Windows Vista Start ButtonConnect To – … what? Where’s my VPN connection?

I tried the easy solution, creating a new connection and tried to fire it up. Bam! Instantly I was told that connection failed, and the Diagnose button in the message box that popped up didn’t work. So I rebooted, logged in, and tried it once more. Same thing happened.

Let’s turn the clock a couple of days back; In order to free up system resources, I had looked through the started NT services, and decided that some of them were redundant, so I turned them off / disabled them. One of the services was Telephony. I turned it off, since my computer doesn’t have any analog modem.

Well, it turns out that a lot of the RAS-related services depends upon this service. So since it was disabled, a lot of other services up the chain didn’t start properly.

 Services.msc - Telephony service

So, after setting the startup mode to “Automatic” and starting service, my VPN connection reappeared in the Connect to a network dialog.

The morale of this story? Well, don’t just go about disabling a lot of system services without checking their dependency chains thoroughly.

Upcoming presentations

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I currently review and refine some ideas I have for the fall season. At the moment, I think it will materialize into at least three possible sessions:

  1. Windows Communication Foundation Extensibility deep-dive.
  2. Programming the Live Mesh (I just have to get a hand on the API-pieces and learn it first :-P )
  3. Creating Windows Vista SideShow gadgets (w/ the managed API).

Hopefully I will have the chance to hold the presentation not only in Oslo, but also other cities in Norway.

Microsoft PDC '08 & Los Angeles; here I come!

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Today, August 15th, is the last day you get a discount when you sign up for the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference 2008, held in  Los Angeles, CA.

I have not been sure if I was going to make it to the PDC this year, giving that I’ve just started in a new company and I didn’t know on beforehand if the customer’s project manager would approve. I really thought TechEd EMEA would be more realistic, but today I actually managed to pull it off.

The answers was:

  • Miles: Of course, Lars! Go to the PDC.
  • Customer’s PM: Of course Lars! Go to the PDC.
  • @ home: Of course Lars! Go to the PDC.

So today I have signed up! Reserved a hotel room at the Miyako Hotel and ordered plane tickets through Seat24 with Continental Airlines. There’s a stop in Newark, NJ both to & from, but hopefully I’ll manage.

So, the thing to do now is to get an overview over the sessions that Microsoft has been announced.

The press release from Dell I've been waiting for

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At last; a press release from Dell released today that they’ve announced the E-series line of products – I can’t for the Latitud E6500 to appear in the Norwegian webshop so I can configure & order it :-)

Read the press release here.

Edit (some time later): Seems that it is allready available in the web shop – wooohooo!

Edit (2008/08/13): Guess what? I called Dell today to order the laptop. When we walked through the setup page over the phone and came to the Display section, there was no configuration with 1920×1200 available. After consulting one of his colleagues, the sales guy told me that I probably have to wait at least A COUPLE OF MONTHS before it is available.
This is outrageous – who wants a top-of-the-line laptop in Q3/2008 that does 1280×800 or 1440×900 @ 15.4″ !? I currently have an old Dell Latitude D610 – that is a couple of generations old – guess what? It sports a 1400×1050 resolution…

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 released!

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At last – It was pretty obvious with the SP1 dependency in SQL Server 2008 RTM that was released last week. The SP1 will definitely be on my TODO list for tomorrow.

Get it here.

Reinstalling Windows Vista

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I used some of my weekend to reinstall Windows Vista on my AOpen SFF computer. The previous installation was from November 2006. I have passed the “Best before” date a long time ago, so I’m really looking forward to get all the bits, pieces & necessities installed.

When Dell hopefully releases the E-series this month, I will order a Latitude E6500 which will be the successor to the D830 model. It sports an eSATA port, GPS, DisplayPort, 1920×1200 WLED Display and is capable of managing 8GB of RAM.

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to order a new 24″ or the 27″ monitor yet, it may be that the 24″ is large enough for my desk (I have 2x 19″ Eizo doing 1280×1024 on it now).